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15 novembre 2011

Les zombies-trans se cachent pour mourir.

To rest. Le reste on verra plus tard. Mes restes sont fatigués.

Rendons-nous à la réalité, Angela mourut à Copenhague dans un accès d'elle-même, une chute brutale dans l'incompréhension de son surmoi.

Bien fait pour elle!

Après, comme toutes ces bitches du music hall, elle fait ses adieux, mais "reposer en paix" dit aussi se reposer pour faire son come back de pute un de ces jours. Je me vois bien à 80 ans, en pleine gloire littéraire, rechausser ma perruque, voire la racheter au fan qui l'aura achetée à prix d'or un de mes jours de vache maigre.

Mais aujourd'hui, un an presque jour pour jour après sa chute, elle a décidé de casser la poupée et de se suicider dans un bain de sang le 26 novembre dans un petit village d'Ardèche. Les zombies-trans se cachent pour mourir.

Se cachent de qui? On sait pas.

Sait-on si Angela ne parlait pas dans le vide? En tous cas, si voir cette diva disparaître vous fait chialer un poil, enroulez vous dans du fil de fer, drapez-vous de mousseline noire ou white, coupez votre sexe, buvez de la Wodka et vous serez sauvés. Pour le reste, que le Monde entier pleure la disparition d'Angela. La terre sera vide comme autrefois le Ciel. Le Monde n'a que ce qu'il mérite. Elle aussi.



To rest. We'll see the rest later. My rests are tired.

But we have to face the truth : Angela is dead in Copenhagen : Too much of herself, a fall in her misunderstanding superego.

You deserve what what you get.

Off course, as a bitch diva, she says goodbye to say hello again, because in the words "Rest in peace", we can read something like "to sleep" (purchance to dream) and it's so possible that she will do a whore's come-back! I can imagine me, 80 years old, full of my literary fame, bying back my wig from the incredible fan who had bought it during my poverty.

But today, almost exactly one year after her fall, she decided to break the doll and take her life in a bath of blood, on November 26th, in the smallest village you can imagine in the south of France. The Transsexual Zombies are hidding to die (the Thorn Zombies)

To hide from what? From who? We don't know...

Who knows if Angela was not speaking in the emptyness?

Anyway, if this death makes you a bit sad, put your body in iron wire, drape you in black or white muslin, cut your sex and drink Wodka (Try to avoid Smirnoff, Madonna already took it) and you might be saved...

For the rest, cry the world for this death! The Earth will be empty as the Sky was before. The World got what he deserves. And Angela too.

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01 mai 2011

drag drag drag

Here is the link for the video of Drag Attack Festival, where Angela shows that she can be a drag as every one!!!

and a funny one !!!

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10 décembre 2010

il faut le dire

Ces derniers temps, j'ai un peu laissé de côté  tout le côté théorique sur les zombies ainsi que toute délire ontologique , c'est vrai, et ceci au profit d'un récit de type autofiction, et d'un bête conte.
Ce blog a beaucoup apporté à ma réflexion. J'y poste désormais, le plus souvent, les comptes rendus de mes concerts et performance (j'ai d'ailleurs du retard pour deux déjà, celle de Liège et celle du Man Ray) mais rien ne dit que ces lignes ne m'aideront pas une fois encore, le moment donné, à poser les bases d'une réflexion issue d'une préoccupation personnelle, comme ce fut toujours le cas.

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21 novembre 2010

Big decision : After Copenhagen, Angela will change her life and art...

      On 5th november, Angela Transbury was invited to perform at The Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, by Miss Fish, an artist I met in Warsaw 2 years ago. Pierre Pascual was with me. I waw so happy about that. he always saved me and made me beautiful days.
      We arrived on 4th november because France was on strike since one month and I was afraid to miss my flight... Actually, the airport was surrrounded my demonstrations and radio said that it can be difficult to arrive to the airport but it was OK in the end
      Between you and me, the plane was very little and I was a bit afraid inside but it was OK , thanx to this delicious  french wine they sell 17 euros per glass at the airport !!!
      When we arrive at the Copenhagen airport, I saw that something was weird in me. Pierre saw Fish on the platform before me and when Fish hugged me, it was as if i wasn't there. I hated this feelings and tried to be happy and enthousiastic as I am normaly, and not show this dead face. And I didn't know why I was like that... (the morning after the show I understood that I was a bit sick)

      Pierre and me we arrived to the Warehouse 9, the place that Fish rent for all these kind of occasions. It seems like a Stalag, it is very very strange but I like it. They have 2 different rooms, one for lounge and calm stuff and one for shows. The calm one is like "the black lodge" in "Twin Peaks" with red velvet everywhere and it is really warm and nice, good mood. This evening, we saw a poet society inside, discussing and talking and reading. Good mood again.
Then we arrived in the other room. There was Christian, and another guy...
Christian was working because when they have such a party, they always change the place, i mean they organize the place differently, the stage is never at the same place and always different, larger or smaller ... So this time, Christian was building a kind of particular stuff to make a shadow show. It was midnight and I realized that he was working totally drunk. Fish gave him the advice to stop at the moment he broke a mirror... Oops, 7 year in your face!!!

      So I said hello to everybody but Christian came to me and asked : "didn't you recognize the other guy?" I said no and the guy came and said  :

" But I am the other guy of Nuclear family" ,

Oh , ok, I was not sure ...hum hum, HELLO !!! How are you etc...

      And off course he was totally drunk too, so he always talked and talked and talked with a such good english and a so bad accent that it was difficult to follow... I was so tired and so strange that I wanted to come back home and go to bed and never go outside again in my life... I felt so bad but i didn't want to accept it, so i tried to smile and show my best face, I had so much problems to communicate with Fish, and Fish was so nice as always that it was terrible to see me like that !!!
Actually, Andreas, the ex Nicolaj 's husband , was talking to Pierre and me all the time. Saying that Nuclear family is defnitly elected the best queer band in Europe and other true things...

      He told us that Nicolaj is living in Berlin but will come tomorrow evening in Copenhagen and see the show.
      OK !
      Now, please, go to bed at the Fish house and forget this day, tomorrow will be better
      The guest house is really nice and I slept very good .
      The day after,friday, we had to be at the warehouse at 1pm to check lights with a girl who was terribly fantastic. She made me a different effetc for each song. And then, I don't remember so much things, I know that we tried to find some second-hand shops to buy some interesting stuff and I found a really nice jacket for 3 euros!!! Thanx Copenhagen !
Come back to the Warehouse at 7 for the sound check, now. Off course they had problems  and we worked on it during one hour. At the end of the soundchek, everything was fixed and i don't know why, i asked the guy : do you think that everything will be exactly as we decided together? he said yes... And at that time I knew that i will have problem during the show...
I saw the rehearsals of Christian who was working on a show about Adam's family, he made all the characters and it was really good, you know : the hand ("the thing"), Morticia, Wenesday, the cousin etc... it was really well done.
The doors had to oppen at 10 pm and they were ready at ... 10h30 !!!
At 11, I decided to go to backstage to prepare myself because I had a lot of work , I performed at 1 am and I made exactly 2 hours to be Angela !!!
      I was wearing a nice dress I never weared before, I called it "the snow princess", my big wig, and a lot of spider web everywhere.
And off course under my dress I weared this whore outfit in black, big boots and topless.
Just before me, i heard this band called Rosemary, which is not so bad (actualy they were good, good sound and good voice, check them, it is a bit young but they promise to be big!!!) By the way, I never saw them during soundcheck or after during the party...
      So it was my turn, Fish announced me in a very nice way as if I was the 8th world beauty. I came on stage and ... It was CROWDED but everybody was talking, laughing, drinking, never paid attention to me... So I came behind the microphone and said nothing for a long time. So bitchy !!! Then , they stopped and I began an acapella song. IT WAS AMAZING. I felt so good, my voice was good, my interpretation was intense and i felt eveybody under my power :)

See this song. well, it's an acapella, not so easy, I swear... But I like one note around the end...

      BUT, after that i plaid Harmony Zombie and nobody understood that, I felt it. So I began to fight to be heard and then... technicals problems arrived. The music started to make big noise and only noise, no music anymore. I stopped, 3 people tried to fix it and it was.... SO LONG !!! I began to improvise, telling the story of Angela, wanted to start another acapella song but suddenly I didn't remember the lyrics.. ACH, MEIN GOTT !!! It was terrible. I don't know how much time it endure but at least 10 minutes, can you imagine? So everybody was gone, only 5 people behind the stage. I wanted to cry!!!
      Even when the music came back, i was bad again during 2 songs... But finally i called Pierre to sing 2 songs with me and he succeeded to save me, he had the good energy and we made a very good show together, Pierre was really happy about that and he is right. So, for the last songs, alone again, I was good  but it was so hard before!!!

IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185

      At one moment, during the 2 last songs, I thought I would laugh on the stage because i suddenly saw 2 people sitting on a chair just behind the stage and they wanted to show me how they were bored or something. Everybody was dancind and jumping, and they were there : totally smyling and pround about their joke. It was so much, that I wasn't affected about that, on the contrary, it was fun in a way !
      At the end of the show, Andreas came on stage to give us some flowers, big big ones. I was amazed but he said quickly that he found them in the street, maybe on a garbage... ah ah ah they are so bad!!!
After the show I went backstage and change my clothes etc, and came back to the room. At that moment Andreas saw me and wanted to talk about the performance. Actually he like it a lot and said
"I just saw the end of the show and you were really good. Actually it is so good, that you made me think to me and Nicolaj"
I love so much congratulations !
Andreas even said to Nicolaj : could it be a good idea that both of them came to Berlin to sing during the first part of Nuclear family? I didn't let Nicolaj answer and said to them  with a big smile : "what a good idea, I never made a first part in life, could be an experience!"

"who do you think you are jane Fonda?! Go fuck yourself! »

And came one of the best moment I had : My very old friend, one of the first friend I had on Myspace (what an old word.... "Myspace"...!!!)  Rosanna Blom came from Sweden to see me. She never saw this bitch Angela perform. Done ! The rest is private, I just was happy that life join each other again and now I know that so much things are possible when you are patient and faithful. We took some pictures in the backstage, we talked but not enough. i was surrounded by people who wanted to talk to me and miss time. She had to come back to Sweden and didn't want to miss the last train.

It was good to have a bit fun because, actually I was really sad about the show and desapointed about me

In a way, this was not the fault of the technicals problems, I was bad, that's all.

      But the good point is that, thanx to that, I understood something i din't want to se before. Since 2 years now, i wanted to change, but every shows I made were good and I was lazzy. I was blind. But now i understand that all this disco queen stuff are just there to hide that i am not confident enough. I am hidden behind dance, behind disco, behind jokes etc. But the only time I am happy and the only time everybody is happy now is when I am more experimental and extreme. I am good for that. I don't say that I was not good before singing « my sex and me », it was great but maybe I live another period, getting old or something... it is not enough for me now and the audience can feel it. So I was bad, and it is my fault because i didn't want to see. Now I see and I am so happy and light. I have to change everything, I have to be another queen. I want to conitue to be this bitch but in a very different way. I almost know how. I want machines on stage, I want to learn how to manage them, I want just one sound, very simple but good, I want my voice only and my interpretation, I want more strange songs, very lyrical ones, more extreme and experimental. I will never forget humour but i will be fun in a different way.  It's clear in my head.

      So, in a way : Thank you Copenhagen...

      I was just terribly sorry for Fish. But fish was terribly sorry for me too, because of this technical problems.

      The day after I was really bad and discovered that i was really sick. The same illness i had before in paris. My head was turning all the time, i couldn't speak too much, I never smiled, always sad and tired. I woke up at 2pm and came back to bed again at 10pm.  But the day after : on sunday, sun was shining in the city and Pierre and me decided to go out visit the city. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE

      Everything was beautifull and Pierre and me finally talked about the show and found all the solutions for Angela.

      At the end of the day, we wanted to see the little mermaid, you know, but we didn't find her. So we asked to a girl who said : « Oh you don't know? She's in China for an exhibition »

      We started to laugh again

      Then we came back to Fish house. And this time I finally can talk normally to Fish, explaining everything, that I was sick, thant I hope it was ok for him, that I was sad and desapointed but it was not because of him but because of me and he was happy to hear that, I think... I hope.

      We had a dinner with fish, Christian and another girl very nice. Fish had a lot of work on monday and din't want to go out, so we decide with Pierre to go out alone, we made all the gay bars in the city and it was terribly fun, we came back at 6 in the morning!!!

      On monday we had a walk in the city and it was the time to go the airport again

      This week end was strong, in a way it was bad but in another hand it was good because i discovered so much and I feel so good and better now.

      I wasn't so clear explaning how i will change but you will see, maybe it will take some time because I have to work a bit more than  usually but you will see.


WAREHOUSE9 is a small performance space and art gallery in the old slaughter district in Central Copenhagen.

It is a space for contemporary art, music, poetry and performance with a direct link to the international queer community. It aims to break established boundaries in the music, theatre, art and nightclub scene and create new links between genres and communities. a

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11 novembre 2010

septembre : Varsovie sous les sycomores

For those who are not french (How to not be french?!!!) the english version will arrive soon.

Tous les été, Angela hiberne et tous les automnes, quand la nature se met à mourir, Angela renaît.
Cette fois-ci, elle a mis le temps parce qu'il y a eu cet été indien qui pue, et puis elle était un peu partout à la fois alors elle a eu du mal à écrire, la vieille !!!
Photo0564Oui, septembre presqu'en entier à Varsovie. J'ai découvert cette ville dont je ne connaissais finalement que le quartier le plus crado et pauvre (Praga).
ça m'allait bien après tout mais je voulais quand même en savoir davantage...
Donc me voici parti pour Varsovie et pour me mettre dans le bain et vu que j'ai peur de l'avion, je m'envoie cul-sec une flasque entière de vodka à l'aéroport, bourré en 10mn, parfait !
Varsovie me voilà !
Bon il se trouve que mes ancêtres paternels sont polonais mais pas seulement ça, j'ai un truc avec ce pays et ses habitants, je l'ai dit déjà, leur énergie est tout ce que nous avons perdu ici en France. Mais ce n'est pas si simple, il en faut du temps pour comprendre.
Vous aussi vous allez comprendre :
Il y a six mois mourrait Lech Kaczynski, l'un des jumeaux, vous vous souvenez, l'un était président, l'autre premier ministre. Tous les deux hyper réacs. Imaginez juste deux Sarkozy en pire à la même place en France et vous comprendrez le niveau de freakitude que la Pologne avait atteint. Là bas j'ai d'ailleurs pu voir la série télévisée grâce à la quelle les deux jumeaux sont devenus célèbres, c'est à faire peur de nationalisme déguisé et puis c'est moche et en plus on les reconnait tellement qu'ils en deviennent encore plus freaks !!!
Quand son avion s'est écrasé, un illuminé a trouvé bon de planter une croix géante devant le palais présidentiel à Varsovie. Le président par intérim a réagit en ré-expliquant à ceux qui l'auraient pas encore remarqué, que la Pologne était une république laïque et que cette croix n'avait rien à faire là. Ni une ni deux, 20 000 personnes se rassemblent devant le palais pour garder la croix. En plus ces idiots (pour quelle raison obscure?) criaient : "Où est la croix?" Ben devant vous, bande de cons !
Puis, tous les jours comme ça, 5000 personnes devant la croix.
Et pour chaque anniversaire de la mort du Freak, re-20 000.

Pour la blague, une marque de bière polonaise nommée "LECH", a fait scandale cet été en diffusant un slogan disant à peu près : "Lech est froid"... j'adore!

Michael_Jackson_keeping_the_crossEt voilà qu'un soir on va prendre une vodka dans un bar, sans faire attention que c'était à côté de la croix, et quand on sort on se retrouve propulsé au Moyen-Age avec les 20 000 qui chantent des cantiques en tenant chacun une torche enflammée et des répliques miniatures ( seulement 2m ! ) de la croix. Autour d'eux, ceux qui sont contre la croix, font des bulles en criant,"Inquisition". Et puis partout les télévisions et la police... (et puis, jugez par vous même mais il me semble avoir photographié Micael Jackson himself venu manifester contre la croix mais je suis pas sûr...)
Photo0592Moi j'en profite pour mettre mon grain de sel et exprimer mon athéisme militant en collant des stickers d'Angela Transbury sur les barrières qui protègent la croix. Les gens m'expliquent que le pays se retrouve vraiment séparé en deux par cette histoire, ceux pour et ceux contre. Grand débat national. Même  un jour, un connard de vigile (on sait mon amour pour les vigiles, ceux qui sont sensés étymologiquement nous garder quand la lumière a disparu alors qu'ils nous enferment dans le monde obscur de la Sekuritat) un connard de vigile, donc, à l'entrée d'une épicerie (!) nous stoppe et nous dit "Alors les filles (putain ! "Les filles"!!!) Alors les filles, vous allez défendre la croix?" ... Mais de quoi je me mêle,connard de vigile? Car bien sûr, cette division comprend les pro-croix donc les homophobes, les antisémites etc...  Alors me vient une idée : Puisqu'à la fin du mois je dois performer au Saturator Club (où je suis déjà passé : Voir le blog autour du 6 février 2008), je ne peux QUE faire une performance autour de cette chose pendant mon concert, genre m'avancer devant une croix que j'aurai fabriquée et dire "I'm gonna kiss the cross... in the ass" et aller effectivement embrasser la croix sur le cul en chantant "Dusty Whore" habillée en pute polonaise... Seulement voilà...
Photo0794___CopieLà dessus, un soir, je rencontre le gérant du Saturator (oh oui tu peux te cacher) dans un bar, assis devant une affiche avec mon nom dessus, (ce fut ma soirée "I'm famous") et j'aborde la question, sans aller plus loin, sans dire ce que je veux faire, juste dire que vais faire quelque chose en rapport. Là il m'arrête tout de suite et me dit que LUI, il est POUR la croix !!! Là, je tombe de ma chaise de bar et je fais un rapide tour de mon cerveau pour tenter de voir comment ça peut se faire que LUI, ce type là devant moi, LUI qui tient l'un des seuls club gay de la ville et du pays, LUI qui a organisé le premier festival Queer d'Europe de l'Est, auquel j'ai participé et on a vu à quel point c'était trash, que LUI, me dise qu'il est pour la croix, catholique fervent, pro-
Kaczynski, conservateur, pro-famille traditionnelle et j'en passe...
Et soudain je comprends avec d'autres yeux que ceux du petit français... Je me dis que c'est trop facile de juger. Car il faut savoir que durant le communisme, la seule parole de liberté que les polonais entendaient se tenait à l'église et que, traditionnellement ils ne peuvent pas être contre Photo0889la religion catholique qui les a libérée, qu'ils ont tellement souffert du trop d'Etat dans les entreprises toutes publiques que, forcément ils sont ultra libéraux, (la photo ci-contre, par exemple, c'est l'ancien siège du parti communiste polonais, transformé aujourd'hui en... banque!) que ceux qui se disaient de gauche étaient si mauvais que forcément maintenant ils votent pour le monstre à deux tête. Et que finalement, on peut être comme ça , penser comme ça et être suffisamment ouvert pour aimer aussi les pédés, considérer que les artistes transgenre sont super intéressants et que la population a besoin de ça... J'avoue que c'est beaucoup pour moi et du coup, je l'accepte en tant que fait sans vraiment le comprendre mais moi aussi ça m'ouvre... Après tout... voilà, ça existe.
Cependant, de là à accepter de revenir chanter au Saturator, j'ai pas pu. Je suis parti avant. Je devais chanter le 28, je suis reparti le 24, m'asseyant sur mon salaire et sur une bonne soirée.
Photo0833Ceci dit, c'est pas non plus comme si j'avais pas passé déjà 3 semaines à faire la fête, à rentrer bourré tous les matins à 7h, à me lever à midi pour partir visiter plein de trucs énormes dans cette ville si riche, et refaire la fête le soir avec plein de gens trop sympas... tellement que j'en suis tombé malade parce que j'avais oublié que j'avais 250 ans et que mon corps pouvait peut-être pas supporter autant de vodka et aussi peu de sommeil, le tout en mangeant un Mars tous les deux jours.
Donc bon!

Je suis parti éreinté mais heureux, toujours aussi fasciné par cette ville, voire plus encore. J'y aime les buildings offerts par les russes à côté des nouveaux buildings construits avec l'argent de l'union européenne. Je les déteste aussi tous les deux.


J'y ai nourri une fascination pour une tour quasi gothique, vide et en réfection.

J'y ai adoré les lieux undergrounds qu'on trouve partout : un immeuble entier est délaissé, il est squatté: on entre et en bas dans la cour, c'est ambiance guinguette avec lampions et flaque d'eau (oui toujours des flaques d'eau en Pologne), on monte un escalier tagué partout et plein de verre cassé puis à droite c'est une galerie ouverte seulement la nuit, à gauche un club, au dessus ya un concert et en face un showroom et on monte 5 étages comme ça... verre a la main, cigarette au bec !
Là bas, quand on se rassemble dans un bar où il y a une soirée, il y a vraiment une soirée, dedans, dehors, on danse, on s'amuse et dans des lieux improbables, une ancienne gare sous un pont, un ancien temple de Diane dans un parc ouvert la nuit...

Photo0820Photo0829Et pendant ce temps-là, Pierre Pascual et Mick Bulle travaillaient à sortir le clip de "Sous les Sycomores". Je rentrais à Paris aussi pour ça. L'avant première devait se passer en présence de tous les acteurs dans un lieu sur l'Ile Saint-Louis. Pas déçu !!! Le clip, il faut le dire, ainsi que le CD digital sont super beaux!!! Angela Transbury est dedans mais il y a tant de choses dedans et tant de belles personnes !









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17 juillet 2010

Angela under the Pricesse's eyes and the "HP 5 Party"


Today is a great day : A princess put her eyes on Angela Transbury.
I could say that "Comme un ouragan" put his eyes on "My sex and me"


Click on pics to make them bigger

Actually, she is the youngest princess of Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly and singer during the 80's,. We forgot that she had the same composer than Jeanne Mas, one of the first musical and visual shock in my life (well, Jeanne Mas, not Stephanie)


Anyway, it makes something strange to know that, and I can imagine that my friend Vincent Malléa, photographer and artist who did that event and pictures, should be more impressed ... But he deserves such moments.
He made the cover of my album too, by the way.
This event was the last shot for "25INSTanTs" created one year ago for AIDES, association against AIDS.
You already saw and heard a lot about that, here. For this occasion, I recorded a song too. Thanx to Pierre Pascual who created AUDIOINSTanTs, big sound-work around this event.

So, to be clear, the originals 43 pictures who make the panoramic fresco, were exhibited for the last time, in the "Stars room" in Monaco for the FIGHT AIDES's gala, on 2010 July 16th.
Another pictures from this event made me laugh when I saw his bf with a golden eye, sit down so close from Shirley Bassey. It was a terrible mistake. Shirley sings "Goldfinger". But we excuse him, his workshop got the visit of Tina Turner last month and maybe he is still impressed by her...

But we have to come back to Earth and I have to share with you some pictures from my last show in the HP party. this is one of the best and quality event in Paris. Usually the programm is very deep and the performances are something like rare quality in Paris. You forget that you're in paris and think to be in Berlin... This time it was a summer one, very cool, a lot of songs and happy performances to enjoy the come back of sun.

Pictures are from Fabien gardin, thanx to him

1Didier, the speacker

2 3 La Bête Humaine, the voice of the beast!!!


5 6 always fun and lightness with Stan !!!

The Lesbian catch : unbelievable !!!
7 8 9 10

A performance by Stanislas Briche : Tribute to the biggest
11 12 13 14

IMG_8043 IMG_8048

And finally me :
hp_5_0_500hp5_10_rec_retr_700I began with a vocal  improvisation.
The speaker asked the audience to propose a way to die. One of them chose "to die during a petanque contest"
OK, so "the pétanque", for the rest of the world, is the local sport, espacially in this so colourfull mediteranean side... and it plays with balls. Well, not so difficult to improvisate on balls. Axiety, joy and finally jubilation with a cry : "White Heaven , Balls Heaven ..."
I cum.
I have to precise that, for this special occasion, I was wearing a jewl, offered the day before by my boyfriend. It was a little zombie in silver hanged on a yellow tie. Made in France by Rebecca Johnson James. I decided to wear it on my white slip... Well it's true that I didn't know where else I can put it...


And because I am the symbol of the eternal come back, I wanted to sing anothertime. I chose "Die Weisse Kopf", this german song I love so much, because it talks about me...hp56_retr_cec_800


07 juillet 2010

de la double nature du zombie travesti

( As always now : English version at the end )

Un zombie travesti est un oxymore
Et pourtant il n'y parait pas puisqu'ils semblent tous les deux qualifier des imposteurs.
IMPOSTEUR se dit de celui qui tâche de tromper par de fausses apparences en voulant se faire passer pour un autre qu'il n'est pas.
Sans commenter, je note simplement que le mot n'a pas de féminin.
Ensuite, je note que le zombie, parce qu'il est mort et tente de prendre toutes les apparences du vivant, est un imposteur.
Le travesti, quant à lui, semble prendre, par exemple, l'apparence d'une femme alors qu'il est un homme et serait en cela un imposteur aussi.
Mais puisque j'ai déjà expliqué par la notion de "révélisme", que ne sont pas travestis ceux qu'on pense mais que le travesti traditionnel est plutôt celui qui révèle sa vraie nature, la met en pleine lumière et à la vue de tous, je considère qu'il cesse par là de mentir, de dissimuler ou de tromper. Qui sont alors les vrais travestis?

Il en va de même pour le mot "sophistiqué" qui qualifie ceux qui mentent par une apparence trop travaillée, élaborée.
Une fois de plus, la sophistication peut révéler une nature davantage que la dissimuler. Et qui est plus sophistiqué qu'un travesti?
Oui, décidément l'imposteur, le vrai, est le zombie.
Mais alors, le zombie travesti?

Ceci n'est pas une fiction. Et pourtant tout ce que je vais dire est faux. Tout ce que je vais dire est faux et pourtant mon existence ne tient qu'à ça. Car si je ne suis pas réel, je suis quand même une réalité.

Le travesti zombie :
Un vengeur masqué !!!
Un redresseur de tort.
Celui qui dénonce, se montre faux pour faire apparaître la vérité du monde et de chacun.
La contradiction, la double nature, la duplicité, la schizophrénie. Sans juger. Nous sommes tous contradictoires.

Bon bien sûr, il y a peut-être des limites...

IM-POSTEUR< in ponere, mettre dedans, sous entendu : poser à la place de.

Ainsi les Tartufes et autres hypocrites qui dissimulent par une fausse probité ou piété, sont des imposteurs. Mais combien de nos dirigeants sont à la fois tartufes ET imposteurs à proprement parler? J'entends "illégitimes". Les putschistes bonapartistes et autres dissimulateurs accédant au pouvoir sur des promesses qu'ils ne comptent pas tenir une minute...
Le peuple s'empresse de délégitimer justement celui qui nous est apparu si preux. Vous savez, l'expression : "Trop beau pour être honnête" qui vient faire mentir ce en quoi nous croyons si fort : le "Kaloï Kagathoï" grec. Ce qui est beau, est bon. Et dire que Socrate, aveuglé par sa bite, croyait à ça, lui qui,
par ailleurs, nous apprit que les apparences sont trompeuses. Ce ne serait donc qu'une question de point de vue? Ce qui est beau, nu dans un lit, serait laid dans une grotte? Peut-être...
Oui, après tout, ce qui est normal à Neuilly, est scandaleux rue de Solférino...



A transvestite-zombie is a paradox.

But it seems the contrary because both of them qualify an impostor

IMPOSTOR qualify somebody who desires to mislead with fake appearances or wants to show somebody he is not.

That's why a zombie is an impostor because he's got everything from the alive people but he's dead.

The transvestite take the appearance from a woman but he's a man. In that case he seems to be an impostor. But I already said that the transvestite, on the contrary, stop to lie and pretend but shows his real nature.

This is the same problem with the word and concept of "sophistication". The sophists were liars for greek people. And today, sophisticated people lie about their appearance. Unless their reveal something deeper about them...?

And, by the way, who's more sophisticated than a transvestite?

Yes, the real impostor is the zombie ! Transvestite says the truth.

In that case, what is a "zombie transvestite"?

This is not a fiction. Though, everything I will say, is wrong. Everything is wrong but my existence is only about that. Because, if i'm not real, I am a reality.

A zombie transvestite?

A masked avenger.

He shows himself as a fake to show the truth of the world : contradiction, double nature, maybe schyzophrenia...

But :  IM-POSTOR = in-ponere = to put inside, in the place of.

Trough this, the impostor is illegitimate.

Regarding that, how much political people and presidents are illegitimate with their double talk?

They trap us with the old greek legend : "Kaloï Kagatoï" : What is beautifull, is good". Even Socrates, because he thought sometimes with his dick, fell in the trap. But the same Socrates learn to Humanity something important about blindness and illusion : Appearances trap us.

So, something naked in a bed can be good. But bad in a cave.

Yes, after all, question of point of you. I mean : "view".

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28 juin 2010

Paolo Canevari

(english version just follows the french one)

D'abord regardez cette vidéo  vue à l'expo "Vanités", musée Maillol jusqu'au 28 juin 2010 (trop tard donc :)

Quand j'étais petit, il y avait dans mon quartier un immeuble à l'angle d'une rue. Un jour un camion a foncé à grande vitesse dans cet immeuble et l'a éventré. Outre le drame des familles qui devaient s'y trouver, drame auquel je n'ai pas eu accès, l'immeuble est resté éventré pendant toute mon enfance et jusqu'à mon départ. Ce n'est que bien plus tard qu'il a été détruit, remplacé par un square. Ainsi, au moins une fois par semaine je passais devant cet immeuble qui offrait à la vue de tous son intérieur : tapisseries à grosses fleures bleues, lattes de parquet sectionnées, carrelage mural et même des chiottes encore solidement accrochées au mur. C'est ça. Un intérieur, très privé à la vue de tous. Un intérieur qui aurait dû le rester et qui est devenu extérieur, une intimité exposée. 

S'en est suivie une fascination pour les murs. Les murs, les murets, les murettes, les murs au milieu de nulle part, les murs légendaires comme le Mur Païen dans les Vosgues ou le Mur d'Hadrien, sorte d'ancêtre du mur de Berlin ou du moins poétique mur en Isarel, la Grande Muraille de Chine ou juste les murs des villes, les murs aveugles ou ceux qu'on devine avoir fait parti d'un intérieur et qui sont devenus extérieurs, avec restes de tapisserie ou juste les marques encore visibles des cloisons qui séparaient les pièces des appartements. 

Mais qu'est-ce qui m'a fasciné si longtemps sans que je comprenne pourquoi? 

Paolo Canevari dans "Bouncing Skull" présente la même chose: un immeuble éventré. Mais parce qu'il est montré au milieu d'une exposition sur les Vanités et parce qu'au premier plan il fait jouer un gamin visiblement tout droit sorti des années 80, période de mon enfance, et parce que ce gamin joue au foot avec un crâne humain, je comprends quelque chose. D'abord je vois soudain que l'immeuble éventré ressemble aussi à un crâne. 

Or je fais souvent des rêves d'appartements ou de maison aux périodes où je dois construire ma vie, changer quelque chose ou ranger dans ma tête. Ainsi, selon les ambiances de ces périodes, les appartements ou maisons apparaissent glauques, vastes ou avec beaucoup de recoins, sombres ou lumineux... mais je suis toujours heureux de ces rêves qui ne sont jamais des cauchemars. Un jour que j'étais assez mal et que je ne rangeais pas mon appartement, vous savez le fameux appartement de l'étudiant dégueu avec les pizzas qui jonchent le sol et les verres renversés, les cendriers pleins..., bon, pareil, hé bien une amie me dit simplement "Range ta maison!" Et ces mots résonnent dans ma tête. Elle inverse le processus et me propose comme thérapie pour arranger l'intérieur, de ranger mon extérieur. Elle inverse le processus et je comprends le parallèle que je n'avais jamais fait entre les deux espaces.  

Je sais aussi que détruire est une volonté inconsciente de construire. Que cet immeuble éventré qui ressemble à un crâne montre son intérieur parce qu'il est détruit. Et je trouve beau qu'il ne l'aient pas reconstruit , réparé, détruit complètement pour le remplacer par un immeuble neuf. Non, ils ont fait un jardin à la place. 

Range ta maison.

Cultive ton jardin.

Et qu'est-ce qui est le plus vain? Construire ou détruire?

Les fleurs se fanent, les fruits pourrissent... nous mourrons. Mais faut-il pour autant détruire plutot que de lutter contre la destruction de toute chose? Et puisque de toute façon c'est la même chose... Tout est décidément bien vain. Mais bon, une fois qu'on a dit ça, on fait quoi?

J'ai toujours été fasciné aussi par cette phrase de Calvino : "J'ai fait un extérieur avec, à l'intérieur, un dedans." Tout est à sa place.

Et l'intérieur qui est à l'extérieur, c'est quelque chose qui n'est pas à sa place. Comme un mort qui serait parmi les vivants. Alors encore une fois : Zombie l'immeuble éventré !

Mais une fois qu'on a dit ça...

Je ne peux pas tout m'expliquer. Je crois que ça s'explique pas d'ailleurs. La question "on fait quoi?" devient vaine.

Il a raison Paolo, il fait des parallèles. Je ne peux que faire les miens.

C'est bien !

ENGLISH : (short)

First of all, watch this video saw in the exhibition "Vanités" in Paris, Maillol Museum

When I was a child, there was a building in the area I grew up which was broken by a big big truck.
The building wasn't fixed before several years and stayed like that all my childhood at the corner of the street. (after that it was totally destroyed and they put there a square, a little charming garden...)
So, I grew up with this vision of an inside outside : wallpaper with big blue flowers, parts of the floor still there and even WC still hanged on the wall and flying in the air... an exhibit intimacy. 

I stayed obsessed by walls. Walls in the moddle of nothing, legendary ones like Hadrian wall (ancestor of Berlin wall) or the big one in China. The walls we call blind because they have no windows, or these walls who were inside and became outside with marks of life

Paolo Canevari in "Bouncing Skull" present the same thing: A half destroyed buiding. But because he present it in an exhibition about Vanities, and because he put at the first plan a child (who looks like me in the 80's) playing football with a human skull, I understand something. I suddenly see that the building looks like a skull. You can verify.

And yet, I often dream about flats or houses when I have to build my life or change something in, when I have to fix and put away my head. One day, a very good freind of mine saw my student flat and saw through the ppizzas ont he floor and the full ashtray, that I was in a bad mood. So she said to me : "Fix your house."So she proposed me to fix my outside to fix my inside and I saw the parallel at the same time. 

I know that to destroy is an inconcious will to build. I know that this building, which looks like a skull, shows his inside because it is destroyed. And I like  that they never fix it or never build another to put garden at the same place. Because fix his house and cultivate his garden are the same.

So what is the most vain? To build or to destroy?

I always was facinatied by this sentence by Italo Calvino : " I did an outside with, inside, an inside". 
Everything is at the good place. 

But what is an inside outside? A thing which is not at his place. Like a dead alive. So : Zombie is the building! 

I can't explain everything
Paolo is right
he did parallels
I can't help to do mine.
That's good. 

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02 juin 2010

"The White Album" will be released on June 15th

The cover of "The White Album",

 My first Album

Available on I-Tunes and MadameVisage (and everywhere)

Digital or CD

June 15th


All songs written by Pierre Pascual (and me for some of them)

Photo : Vincent Mallea

The physical CD will be sold with an original masterpiece of Vincent Malléa














WHITE remix


MY SEX AND ME do it yourself

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28 mai 2010

"Näd of the dead"

First of all : Frustration for everybody (yeah, I know!) I don’t want to talk about holidays in Germany. For once, THIS IS PRIVATE… But this is where I was 3 days, before to go by car to Belgium. 

By the way, maybe I have to begin to write this blog in this incredible Airport-English understood by the entire Earth. I think that my style will suffer a little but I will become international with that…(Whooo. Is the “cosmopolitan” a cocktail with a vodka base? Yes!!! Go, go, go!)

So now, imagine : Angela and Näd Mika in a car!!! 

K640_CIMG7462No, ok, no imagination, I agree to share with you some pictures. (click on them to see them bigger) But it won’t be the same for everything.

< span style="font-size: 12pt;">For example, I let your brain travelling through this highway landscape with some Germanics churches in the middle of sweet villages. I just wanted to find a shop to buy some Lebkuchen (my favourite) but it seems that we can only find them during Christmas time! Archaic period we are living!!! So I took my revenge with Jaggermeister. Näd and me began to play at “Ab Fab”: Only liquid for breakfast. 

We had an appointment at Peg’s place in Liege, Wallonia, not so far from Netherlands. 

pegmes new roman', times;">Peg is one of the most hysterical and nice and simple and crazy and smoker and full of energy boy I ever met. Just ask me or Näd what is a morning with Peg… without coffee!!! Just this delicious cappuccino for gays (which I forgot to pay back, I just realize now, sorry Peg, I hope the Champaign from the last evening was enough to replace it…(?)

The first evening we just had a talk around the shooting for the video the next 2 days. 

Yes, we were in Liege to shoot a video for the last song of Näd Mika: “Leka, Leka” but the film is named : “Näd of the dead”, a dark story about the last girl (and which girl !!!) in a city full of zombies… 

30423_400377304886_801954886_3911471_4228405_n nad_of_the_dead_4

angela_en_avant_laideAnd who can imagine a zombie film without me? 

angela_nad_2__2_ Honestly?!





Peg said to us that, the day before, they just shot the biginning of the video in empty streets, early in the morning to have strange images... and now we will have all the rest to do. The big game begins...


nad_and_the_car_2So the next morning, after testing all the beers of the neighbourhood (again, no coffee), Näd and me were taking our so simple car to go to the make up place. This was the producer’s office. There we realize that the staff was around 13 people, plus the ones for the make up! Well, for me everything is natural and they didn’t have a lot of work, just to rub out the excesses’ marks off course, but I won’t say the same for other zombies.They realize a very professional and amazing work to create this army I always dreamt about. I was a part of this army but in a special troop.

nad_the_greek_dragnad_the_greek_drag_2Actually, Näd will be the only real human girl (even if she looks like a very greek or polish drag) and 3 zombies had to be her special gang. Not only to defend her against the others, because she’s strong enough, but to… well, I never understood completely but we were with her : me as the bride and the 2 brother and sister. A word about them : First, Anael and Melissa are incredibly brother and sister even if they don't in real life and they were both of them really beautifull with their clear eyes. And in the same time, I have to admit that everything seemed to be really simple for them, natural zombie in a way. And so nice. 



Ok, sometimes the drag, sometimes the queen

Doesn't she looks like Elvira, Misstress of the dark...?



But before to look like that, Näd and me needed a…? COFFEE !!! So we went to the bar at the corner of the street. I think they specially decorate this place just for us. It was a cliché in brown but a so sweet one. Everybody is so nice in Belgium. I talk to some people who found that this country is hard to live because people are not polite and gentle anymore… They never seen Paris but through the TV screen!!! Everything is so calm there. And you can smoke inside (as in Germany by the way. It sounds that finally, we are the only country to VERBOTEN that.) 

make_up_good make_up_good_2

angela_logenad_make_up_2 The staff recreates in the basement a kind of backstage. The strangest and darkest as mummy backstage you ever seen. Around the mirror, some of our favourite freaks (but friends) were here : all the duck-lips like Amanda Lepore or Pete Burns, Cher off course, but Eartha Kitt too, because she died (like Michael Jackson or Farah Fawcett who were there too) and Romero as a tribute. But you’ll see others (maybe).

anael_zombie_poup_eZombies, I already said something like that, are always doing what they used to do during their life but without conscience. And I had at this time a picture of Angela Landsbury, this bitch who imitate me or who I want to look like, I don’t really remember. And Peg found me a part of Pete Burn’s lips which I try to put on mine. Näd was doing her make up and the guywas brushing his doll-head (!). I try to tell this entire scene because it was the

angela_nad_ciseauxfirst and we had a lot of fun in this basement. (when Näd Mika was so stressed that she really wanted to kill me with scissors. I try to explain to her that it won’t have no effect on me, she justargue that she needed it. Pfff !!! OK!!!)  And above all, it seems that finally, this scene will take 5 seconds on your screen. So I tried to stop the time a little bit with these words… (Is there the title of my next song? “I try to stop the time with these words”…? Not so baaaad…)

angela_loge_face_bien angela_loge_profil_bon angela_rouge

In the afternoon, we had to move and shot outside. This is a very hard work to be an actor! Sorry for these weather considerations but we were in May and the temperature was around 8°C. And the bride was almost naked… (as usual, did you realize it? Weird!)

angela_deguingand_eangela_et_anaelAnyway, we shot in an empty field in the middle of buildings. This was the dirtiest place I ever seen except my grave and the buildings we saw after. We can not even see grass sometimes!!! Paper, metal boxes, food, syringes and even shit. Human shit, I’m sure. And in the middle of that a poor little cat was screaming all the time, it was absolutely terrible, it broke our heart. (Until the last day where we learned that somebody use to give him some food. So the “food” was for him…and I don’t want to be a cat anymore).

angela_gang_mur_2 angela_gang_mur_5 angela_mur 

the_buildingnad_of_the_deadThere, we shot some insane scenes between nature and trashes and then we gone to see THE building where the zombie army waited. Just for the joke : in another time (as you can see) this place was entirely dedicated to teeth surgery. 


Day off , liquid, smoke, sleep, wake up, liquid.


Make up at La Zone, a punk club where Peg use to organize his parties “Drag Attack”. A very cool place indeed. 


Shooting outside at the building place, and inside La Zone to finish.


This day, this famous buildig gave us one of the best scene when the girl feed them... she's so nice!



la_mari_eWhen we arrived at the dirty place again, I saw a woman, a beautifull one who seemed to have the same story than me. I saw quickly that something special happenend to her. She was wearing an immaculate dress, very classy and too much indeed... I learned few minutes later that it was her wedding dress from her first wedding and she wanted to have the pleasure to destry it, to make it dirty, to thrash it to end something in her story and mind. I din't know that but I was impressed to see that when something special is happening, you always feel or smell it... And by the way, she was really amazing as you can see... and this story may add something to her beauty.

zone_1concert And about the scene in La Zone, I cannot explain or describe everything, you have to see the film. I just can say that we had a scene, which is not in, where Peg try to jump on the stage to catch Näd. And, as a member of Näd’s gang, I thought I have to defend her. I stand at a corner of the stage, look like a dead doll and when I saw Peg jumping, I just reach out my arms to him to impeach him to attempt Näd, but … it was to hard for a zombie, all this energy, jumping, screaming all the time… I abandoned.

From there start the joke : “Angela, do something!” 

and Angela can nothing but say “heeeuuuurgh”, reach out her arms and let them down…

When Peg ring the bell of the end of the shooting, we applauded a lot with this little sadness in the heart but happy to remember that all this time was so cool. I never saw somebody under pressure or putting somebody else under pressure. Never a word loader, never stress, always kindness and patience, always happy to be there. Peg had to manage 45 zombies + the staff and everything was so nice. Näd said to me that never something like that can happen in Germany…Do you believe it can happen in Paris? (I said Paris, not France). Everybody did that for free but at the end, all the people who were zombies or part of the staff went to say thank you Peg and Näd. 

Because they had good time. 

And it is true. We had such a good time all together. 


I learned a lot during this shooting. A lot. About me, my work, about people and life. 

The day after, I had a coffee at a bar just close to Peg’s place. Alone with my mind. Two croissants with speculoos-cream inside (!!!). Then Peg, a friend and Näd picked me up to clean La Zone which won her name this day!!! 

And in the afternoon, Näd and me had just a walk in the city to finally discover that Liege is surprisingly beautiful. We eat some French fries, which are better in Belgium. (and they are not cooked in horse fat as some people said me 9 years before when I was too young and when my face used to become red each time somebody talked to me) And at the end of the day we went at the flat of Jonathan to see the making off and drink Champaign.

A 1h30 making off. 

anael_2 angela_peg zombie_melissa_folle

zombie_girl_2 scarry

30423_400377599886_801954886_3911503_3274223_n seau_de_sang

CIMG7436 CIMG7437

At the end, I just said to him : ”I don’t count the laughs I heard during the making-off.” 

But the film will be scary anyway…

HA !









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